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Template Details

  • Name Geeks Gadget
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Theme Files, PSD & Docs

Geeks Gadget is an efficient and magnificent template for blogger users. This theme is designed with such practices that your users would think twice whether it is a Blogger Template, or not because it has all the elements just like WordPress Themes. This template is ideal for those websites which running a Gadget niche blog including multimedia, technology and etc. The color combination of White, Lime blue, and gray makes this theme adorable. It is a crystal clear theme with some robust features few of them are listed below.

Features of Geeks Gadget Blogger Template:

  • Floating Header Bar: It has a shiny and fashionable lime blue floating header bar that consists of a Small LOGO on the left side and a navigation menu on the right. It floats along your screen whenever scroll up or down the page.
  • Featured Advertisement Spots: By default, there are three featured advertisements spots one below the header, second above posts, and the third below posts. However, anyone can add more Ads spots as per their needs. We have chosen some High CPC spots so this theme could double your earning potentials.
  • SEO-Friendly: We have also connected an SEO Plugin in this template, which would surely help you to increase your organic traffic in quick succession. This plugin is sponsored by
  • Social Sharing Buttons: We have also added some social sharing buttons so that your users can easily share your content on their favorite social networking platform. Social buttons appears just below the post title of every article.
  • Fixed Wrapper: The Layout of this theme is fixed so it would support both low and high resolution laptops, and monitors. It would also work well on Mobile devices and Tablet.
  • More Features: Web 2.0, Magazine Style, lime blue and white color Scheme, threaded commenting system, custom label wrapper, two Colum’s footer, and much more
  • This theme is highly optimized the reason why the Google page speed score is 95 out of 100. We have also experimented with the placement on Labels which is indeed a splendid innovation. On the other hand, this theme is extremely handy for Blogging, Technology, Multimedia and Gadgets niche websites. Feel free to leave your positive reviews below

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    1. LOve this Template and also applied on my blog

    2. nice template syed ! Templatesim Rocks !

      1. Dude..!!
        You got A Nice Website There.
        But If You Post Your Blog Address in Comments . Your Blog will Surrely be deleted
        Google takes this as spam . I dont want a good blogger to be punished.

    3. Nice Template Thanks alot ^^!

      Free Software daylie Updated ^^!

    4. Great Template Brother nice Work you Done Many Blessings to you..!!

    5. awesome template bro,But can u please share a template lie your?Your template is awesome please share that...

    6. I wanted to increase the sidebar width so that a 300x250 ad banner could fit in .Thanks in advance
      Regards ,
      Tanmay Kapse
      Your Pc Genie

      1. Well, don't do that because If you increase the width of sidebar, it would exceed its limitations. At current it is 305px and that is fine. If you would increase it, Sidebar would appear beneath the content!

    7. WOuld be better if you added this ;-)

    8. i have applied it with some change hope u will like it thanks

    9. Hey Guys
      Thanks for nice template. Just couple of thinks
      What is size of ad one below the header
      Couldn't find the second and third ad.. Pls help

    10. Hello !
      I just want to ask what did you call to the header design of the Templateism and ?
      The continous hypen one ?

    11. It would be really helpful if you could write a tutorial on how to design blogspot templates.