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Templateism is a Blogger Resource site which was founded by Syed Faizan Ali in December 2012. Templateism is an initiative of MyBloggerLab. The main goal of this site is to provide High Quality Professional Templates (Themes) to Blogger BlogSpot community. Here at Templateism we try to produce Professional Blogger Themes so beginners can easily make use of them. We explain each and everything in the form of Tutorials so of all levels could understand it.

We try to share Blogger Templates on different niches I.e. Technology, Entertainment, Sports, News and etc. We also interactive with people on Social networks and emails to answer their Blogger related questions. If anyone is unable to find a relevant Template on our site then use the Contact Us Page to write about your needs.

People always degrade Blogger Platform because of its dull and rusty appearance. However, they are not aware of the fact that its dynamics is full of awesomeness. Therefore, To Clear that misconception and we have started this site. People think that Blogger is only for Blogs. If a person knows the dynamics of Blogger then he can easily turn it into a robust CMS site.
Syed Faizan Ali
Syed Faizan Ali Founder & CEO

Faizan is a 21 year old Young Successful Entrepreneur Blogger from Pakistan who is an addictive web developer. Syed is playing a key role in promoting Blogger Platform from almost 8 years now. He has developed dexterous skills the reason why he is usually known as the "Geek of all Blogger developers".

He has been in this field for around nine years now and still calls himself as a beginner. His skills are not only limited to blogging as he loves to play with graphics, he is the senior editor of our sister site MyBloggerLab. Apart from the internet, he adores gaming and sporting.

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Mujahid Rana
Mujahid Rana Director & Marketer

Mujahid is one of our oldest team member working within our network, when Templateism was just a newly founded. Due to his aggressive marketing skills and professional approach he is working as director of our company.=.

Mujahid is also a young teenager, who implemented his effective stratigies of marketing to help us achieve a lot of success and glories. The mastermind behind starting Templateism Store was Mujahid who always comes up with the ideas that always ROCK! Apart from the internet, he adores badminton, pets and sporting.

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Mohamed Abo El-Ghranek
Mohamed Abo El-Ghranek Senior Developer & Designer

He is extremely talented and professional developer we have ever got. Through his great coding skills, he always comes with a masterpiece. This is the reason why within 2 months he become senior developer at Templateism.

Mohamed is working with Blogger templates since a long time this is the reason he is part of one of the biggest blogger template resource site.

Apart from developing, he is a student and a guy who loves food.

We always look for people who are hungry to develop something new every time they code because code is poetry. Send your proposals at support@templateism.com